Long Island Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Special Education

Approaches to Individualized Education, 1980 (Jan Jeter)
How to Write and IEP, 1978 (John Arena) 
Teaching Reading to Deaf Children, 1978 (Beatrice Ostern Hart) 
Piaget for the Classroom Teacher, 1978 (Barry J. Wadsworth) 
Recipe for Reading: A Proven Program for Reading, Writing and Spelling, 1977 (Nina Traub) 
Facts and Feelings in the Classroom, 1973 (Louis J. Rubin) 
A Sourcebook of Pragmatic Activities for Language Theory, 1984 (Elizabeth B. Johnston)
Counseling with Deaf People, 1971 (Alan E. Sussman) 
Severely Handicapped Deaf Adults (pamphlet)
Needs of Emotionally Disturbed Hearing Impaired Children, 1975 (Doris Naiman)
 Reading on Deafness, 1973 (Douglas Watson) 
Encouraging Language Development (pamphlet)
Mainstreaming, 1979, (Milo E. Bishop) 
Education of the Hearing Impaired Child, 1985 (Frank Powell) 
Science for Deaf Children, 1968, (Allan Leitman) 
Sentences and Other Systems, 1978 (Peter Blackwell) 
The Teacher as Learning Facilitator, 1979 (J.M. Smith) 
Improving Voice and Articulation, 1975 (Hilda B. Fisher) 
Introduction to Audiology, 1981 (Fredrick Martin) 
Psychology of Deafness, 1964 (Helmer R. Mydlebust) 
Speech and Hearing Science, 1981 (Willard R. Zemlin) 
Human Vocal Anatomy, 1977 (David Ross Dickson) 
Bilingual Considerations in the Education of Deaf Students, 1992 (Gallaudet University) 
Teaching Speech to Deaf Children, 1974, (Eleanor Vorce) 
Education Exceptional Children, 1979 (Kirk and Gallagher) 
Psychiatry and the Deaf Child, 1969 (J.H. Kahn) 
Speech and Deafness, 1975, (Donald R. Calvert)
Amplification for the Hearing Impaired, 1980 (Michael C. Pollack) 
Language Development and Intervention with the Hearing Impaired, 1978 (Richard R. Kretschmer) 
Speech and the Hearing Impaired Child, 1976, (Daniel Ling) 
Auditory Disorders in School Children, 1981 (Ross Roeser) 
Speech of the Hearing Impaired, 1983 (Erving Hocheerg) 
Deafness and Communication: Assessment in Training, 1982 (Donald G. Sims) 
Reading For Sign Language Instructors Certification, 1975, (2 copies available)


Introduction to Interpreting, 1980, (RID) (2 copies available) 
Reading between the Signs, 2006 (Anna Mindess) (2 copies available) 
So You Want to Be an Interpreter, 2001 (Humphrey and Alcorn) 
Principles of Interpreting (pamphlet)
Interpreting: An Introduction, 1986 (Nancy Frishberg) (3 copies available) 
Sign Language Interpreters and Interpreting, 1992 (Dennis Cokely) 
Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource Book, 1981 (Sharon Neumann Solow) (2 copies available)
Interpreting Sign Language, 1989 (Laura Greene) 
Sign the Speech: Introduction to Theatrical Interpreting, 1996 (Julie Genron) 
Facilitating Manual Communication for Interpreters, Students and Teachers, 1978, (Leo Dicker) 
Test of Syntactic Abilities, 1978, (Stephen P. Quigley) 
Interpreting In Medical Settings Handbook (pamphlet)
Transliterating: Show Me the English, 2001, (Jean E. Kelly) (2 copies available)
Sign Me Alice: A Play in Sign Language, 1974 (Gilbert Eastman) 
The Mentors Companion, 2007 (Patty Gordon) 
Interpretation Skills: English to Sign, 1993 (Marty Taylor) 
Interpretation Skills: ASL to English, 1993, (Marty Taylor) 
Best Practices in Educational Interpreting, 1998 (Brenda Chafin Seal) 
Encounters with Reality: 1001 Interpreting Scenarios, 1999 (Brenda Cartwright) 
Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myths of Neutrality, 2000 (Melanie Metzger) 
Silver Threads, 1990 (Lou Fant) 
Establishing a Freelance and Interpreting Business, 2008 (Tammera J. Richards) 
A Systematic Approach to Teaching Interpretation, 1989, (Danica Celeskovitch) 
Interpreting For International Conferences, 1978, (Danica Celeskovitch)


Signing Naturally Levels 1-4, 1988
ASL: Green Book (Teachers Edition), 1980
ASL:  Green Book (Student Editions 10-27), 1981
The ASL Teachers Resource Text on Grammar and Culture, 1980
ASL: A Student Text (Units 1-27), 1980
A Basic Course in American Sign Language, (Humphries and Padden) 
Intermediate Sign Language, 1980 (Louie J. Fant) 
Come Sign With Us, 1990 (Jan C. Hafer and Robert M. Wilson) 
Preferred Signs for Instructional Purposes, 1977 (supplement and Instructors guide) 
Secret Signing: Sign Language Activity Book, 1988 
Cued Speech Handbook for Teachers, 1971, (Christine L. Lycos)
Teaching American Sign Language as A Second/Foreign Language, 1981 (Frank Caccamise) 

NAD Monograph

Communication Issues Among Deaf People, 1990
View Points on Deafness, 1992 
Deafness: Life and Culture, 1994
Deafness, 1993-2013 

Deaf History & Culture

Dancing Without Music, 1980
The Deaf Population of the US, 1974
Sign Language and the Deaf Community, 1980
None So Deaf, 1985
Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language, 1985
Deaf In America: Voices From A Culture, 1988
American Deaf Culture: An Anthology, 1989
The Mask Of Benevolence: Disabling The Deaf Community, 1992
The Other Side Of Silence, Sign Language and the Deaf Community In America, 1983
When The Mind Hears: A History Of The Deaf, 1984
Deafness: Historical Perspectives: A Deaf American Monograph, Volume 4, 1996
The Law and the Deaf, Lowell J. Myers, JD 
How You Gonna Get To Heaven If You Can’t Talk with Jesus: On Depathologizing Deafness, 1982 
Hazards of Deafness, 1977, (Roy K. Holcomb) 
Stigma, 1963 (Erving Goffman)
They Grow in Silence, The Deaf Child and His Family, 1961, (Eugene D. Mindel) 
In Silence, Growing up Hearing in a Deaf World, 1990 (Ruth Sidransky) 
Outsiders In A Hearing World: A Sociology of Deafness, 1980 (Robert A. Scott)
A Handful of Stories, 1981 
Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf American, 1981 (Jack R. Gannon)
Journal Of Interpretation: RID 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1995, 1993, 2002, 2004, 2007
Journal of Interpretation: Millennial Edition, 2001 


Technical Signs 1-6 (NTID)
Signs For Computing Terminology, 1983
ASL Comprehensive Dictionary, 1981
Signs of Sexual Behavior, 1979 (2 copies available)
Signs of Drug Use, 1980
A Dictionary of ASL On Linguistic Principles,  1976
The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing, 1983
The Signs of Language, 1979
A Dictionary of Idioms For The Deaf, 1975
AMESLAM: An Intro To ASL, 1972
Conversational Sign Language 2, 1972
ASL: Fact and Fancy, 1977 (2 copies available)
ASL: A Look At History, Structure And Community, 1978 (2 pamphlets available)
Discovering Sign Language, 1981
Speaking The Language Of Sign: The Art And Science Of Signing, 1984
ASL Lexical And Grammatical Notes with Translation Exercises, 1976
Sign Language Structure, 1978  (William Stokoe)
The Joy Of Signing, 1978 (2 copies available)
Wards Natural Sign Language Thesaurus of Useful Signs and Synonyms, 1978
A Word In The Hand Book Two: An Intro To Sign Language, 1991
Sign Language, 1977
Medical Sign Language, 1983
Signing Exact English, 1980
The Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary, 1983
Signs For Sexuality: A Resource Manual, 1978
Language Development And Language Disorders, 1978 (Lois Bloom & Margaret Lahey) 
Pragmatic Assessment & Intervention Issues in Language, 1983 (Tanya M. Gallagher & Carol A. Prutting) 
Language and Deafness, 1984, (Stephan P. Quigley)
I want to Talk, A Child Model of American Sign Language, 1980 (Harry W. Hoemann)
American Sign Language and Sign Systems, 1979 (Ronnie Bring Wilbur) 
Natural Language for Deaf Children, 1958 (Mildred A. Groht) ​


So You Want To Be an Interpreter

The NIC Interview: Practice and Performance 
ASL Interpreting and Deaf Culture 
Deaf Culture
Deaf Education
ASL Mini Stories (consecutive interpreting practice)
Sign To Voice with Deaf Teachers (signs and drama in motion)
Patriotic Songs in ASL and Signed English (Maureen Longo Tuccelli)
ASL Stories by Don Wade
ASL Stories by Doug Bullard
Conceptual Accuracy and Idioms by Marietta Patchin
Verb/Adjective Inflection by Nina Lazzari

Cards & Games

The ASL Hand Shape Game Cards

Communication and Culture
That's Not What I Meant, (Deborah Tannin)
How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships (Conversational Communication), 1986
Cross Cultural Encounters, 1981
Face To Face: The Cross Cultural Workbook, 1985

Lending Library​​

The following items are available to LIRID members to further their professional development.

Please contact associaterepresentative@lirid.org to borrow an item.

VHS Tapes

Medical Interpreting: Signs of Sexual Behavior
The Face of ASL: Basic Questions
When The Mind Hears, Chapter 1 & 2
Interpreting Process 1 (sign translation text)
Cities & Countries Around The World
Transcription Analysis Stimulus Material
Interview with Harlan lane
Translated Text Contrastive Analysis
ASL numbers
Sport Signs
I versus Me: Marie Philip/Paul Outward Bound
Signing Naturally Student Video Text (Level 1 & 2)
Four For You: Fables and Fairy Tales (Volume 2)
Voice To Sign Practice Meetings (sales rep, auto loan, real estate office, post office, dog trainer)
Interpreting Expository Text
Interpreting The Miranda Warnings
Signs of Drug Use/To Your Health/Making Healthy Decisions
Millie Denaker/ASL Stories (non-voiced interpreter practice)
NTS Transliteration (practice tape)
Tim Jaech Sr. Commentary on Self Background (Early Intervention Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Their Families)
Elementary School Samples with Interpreting Models