Deaf Community Resources

For COVID-19/Coronavirus Information CSD has set up a COVID-19 Hotline. The VP number is in the blue box below. 

Their website has information presented in ASL as well.


Make sure you are counted this year! The link below has videos explaining the importance of the census and how to answer the questions.


Long Island Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

From the Washington State Department of Health

8 part series about COVID-19 including symptoms, what to do if you are sick and what social distancing means.

The Metro Emergency Fund and the Metro Board want to ensure members have access to information during this stressful time. 

We know that this can be incredibly stressful and wanted to have information and resources at the ready. As more information comes in, we will update the document online

YouTube Resources

Both of these playlists have videos explaining COVID-19 in ASL.


​CDC Center for Disease Control 

Live Access ASL

Join the facebook group here

​You can request interpretations from volunteer interpreters to videos found on the internet; COVID related or not.